Liv Morgan “so sick” after catfish scams fan into selling house | #socialmedia

Liv Morgan has issued a plea on social media after revealing a fan has “sold his home and lost everything” thinking he was helping her out.

The WWE Superstar has taken to social media to warn her followers of fake accounts pretending to be her and trying to con people out of their money.

Morgan stated she has received a number of “horror stories” from supporters who have been approached by catfish profiles using her name and image.

“A man sold his home and lost everything thinking he was helping ‘me’,” she tweeted on Saturday night. “This has me so sick. Please know I would never reach out to ask any of you for a single penny. I’m so sad. Please stop.”

Morgan, whose real name is Gionna Daddio, has more than 2.5 million followers across both Twitter and Instagram. She is a vastly popular figure within the WWE Universe — even more so recently after starting up a new partnership with Rhea Ripley.

To prove just how much of a beloved figure Morgan is, WWE recently auctioned off the whip she brought with her to WrestleMania 38 and it sold for a staggering $10,671.

Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan make their entrance at WWE WrestleMania 38

Ripley and Morgan have been a fan favourite duo since taking to the ring together for the first time earlier this year. But following their increased popularity, several fake profiles have been made.

Unfortunately, this is a common thing with high profile celebrities. Countless imposter accounts have been made over the years to troll and con diehard supporters.

Morgan only uses the handle @YaOnlyLivvOnce across both Twitter and Instagram and is verified on both platforms. Fan accounts dedicated to the wrestler exist but a recent surge in profiles pretending to be the real Daddio have been posing scam threats to her fans.

“Guys I’ve been sent so many emails of horror stories about people making fake accounts and emails pretending to be me and asking for huge amounts of money,” Morgan wrote in a separate tweet.

“This really makes me so sad. Please don’t use my name to con people out of their hard earned money. Please please please.”

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