Little People fans slam Tori Roloff’s ‘bad parenting’ as she puts son Josiah, 3 months, in ‘unsafe sleeping’ situation | #parenting | #sextrafficing | #childsaftey

LITTLE People, Big World mom Tori Roloff has been slammed by fans for “extremely unsafe” parenting as her youngest child slept in his crib.

Some told how the reality star’s latest Instagram snap “made them mad” after it displayed baby Josiah’s bedtime habits.


Little People, Big World fans slammed Tori Roloff after son Josiah’s ‘unsafe sleeping’ situationCredit: Instagram/@toriroloff
The reality star and her husband, Zach, have been accused of ‘bad parenting’ latelyCredit: Instagram/Tori Roloff

The LPBW star and husband Zach, 32, have faced frequent backlash over their parenting skills.

They share three children: Jackson, five; Lilah, two; and three-month-old Josiah, all of them who were born with a common form of dwarfism.

In a recent picture post, Tori, 31, captured her youngest getting set for a snuggle in his cot, surrounded by a grey blanket and a patterned pillow, as well as the flat duvet sheet.

Tori gushed: “First time sleeping in the crib!

“We finally got our crib set up (poor third kid lol) and I’m over here getting all sentimental.”

Yet fans flooded to an online thread to call out the amount of fabric the baby had around him – deeming it a safety hazard.

One questioned: “Why does Tori have all this crap in the crib with an infant? It’s straight up dangerous.”

A fan then replied: “She’ll just say ‘I know my baby best.’ Which is true, but it doesn’t make any of this safe.”

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Another cruelly remarked: “Probably because they’re bad parents,” before a third continued: “Besides the obvious safety problems, why would you put a blanket on a baby when there is an extreme heat advisory and a high of 95?”

One then flagged: “This isn’t an opinion thing … she has done with with all of her kids and it is EXTREMELY unsafe. This poses a huge risk for SIDS. Babies are supposed to be swaddled or in a sleep sack, on their back, nothing in the crib.”

Another surmised: “She’s literally practiced unsafe sleep with all of them.”

One lay down the advised baby sleeping habits as they posted: “No loose blankets and nothing but baby in the crib (in a swaddle or sleep sack) is safe sleep 101. This isn’t hard. Makes me mad to see this knowing how many followers she has.”

Yet some supported Tori and suggested the set-up was all for Instagram.

One posted: “She is taking a picture. It’s an aesthetic. There are others things to go at her for. This is not one.”

Another added: “You can see the baby is wide awake. The picture is being taken from a very high up angle. So this isn’t just a snapshot this is a set up photo. I doubt this is how she would put the newborn asleep.”


Viewers have also called out Tori and husband Zach’s “dirty” Washington home.

Fans spotted what appeared to be unclean flooring during an episode of the TLC series.

In several scenes, reality star Zach could be seen relaxing on the floors of the couple’s $1million Washington house.

But viewers couldn’t keep their eyes off the bottoms of his white socks, covered in dirt spots.

Several raced to another online thread where they accused Zach and Tori of not cleaning their floors and keeping a dirty home.

“So I guess we know how clean Zach’s floors are…” one wrote alongside a screenshot from the episode.

“Ughh … I was waiting for somebody to post on this. I couldn’t believe my eyes and then I realized it was Zack. It’s also fitting he’s in his favorite position, sprawled out on the floor. Dude is just gross and lazy,” a second ranted.

“When your socks are more dirty than your shoes…” a third remarked.

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Zach and Tori regularly deal with negative feedback from fans regarding their lifestyle and parenting tactics.

The pair was recently berated for what fans called a dangerous parenting move during a car ride with son Jackson.

Fans called out baby Josiah's bedtime arrangement as 'extremely unsafe'


Fans called out baby Josiah’s bedtime arrangement as ‘extremely unsafe’Credit: INSTAGRAM/toriroloff
Many suggested Josiah, three months, was surrounded by too much fabric while he slept


Many suggested Josiah, three months, was surrounded by too much fabric while he sleptCredit: Instagram / Tori Roloff
Tori and Zach- who share three kids- are often criticized for their parenting styles


Tori and Zach- who share three kids- are often criticized for their parenting stylesCredit: Instagram/@toriroloff

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