Lifelong Learning Event: Understanding Cybersecurity in Today’s World | Calendar | #computerhacking | #hacking

Description Our speaker, Keith Kooyman, will help us understand more about cybersecurity in today’s word. Keith Kooyman began his technical career in the early days of computing. He has worked as a systems administrator, Microsoft and Novell Systems Engineer, IT Manager, IT Director, IT contractor and consultant. His interests and focus have always been security, even before IT security was a field of study. Mr. Kooyman has been teaching Cybersecurity at TSTC for 9 years.

We have all recently read of hacking attacks on individual and corporate computer systems and networks that have cost millions of dollars to secure. His talk will focus on why cybersecurity is so important, and he will offer some simple things that we can all do to enhance our security posture.

Free and open to the public. No advanced registration required.

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