LifeLabs denying social media allegations of billings for OHIP-covered tests | #socialmedia

An operator of medical laboratories is denying allegations made over social media of people being billed for OHIP-covered tests.

A number of tweets have been made by several Twitter users in recent days, claiming to have paid for tests and arguing that those tests had previously been covered under OHIP.

“The Ontario Government prescribes which tests are covered by OHIP,” reads a statement by LifeLabs on Monday. “There have not been any laboratory tests de-listed (i.e. removed with no replacement test) in the last five years under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan Schedule of Benefits for Laboratory Services.”

LifeLabs runs a number of testing services, including medical diagnoses and cancer screening.

“LifeLabs cannot bill individuals with OHIP coverage for tests that are covered by OHIP,” continues the statement.

Aside from the allegations, a wider conversation continues over whether to bring new services under the OHIP umbrella. Parties have been making their own pledges ahead of the June election, covering topics like contraception and PrEP medication.

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