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LG promised that updates would continue for a few years

One year after LG confirmed it would be exiting the Android phone market, the company has confirmed Android 12 updates will soon roll out to three more devices. The company confirmed on its Korean website that it would update three devices with Android 12 software by the end of this quarter.

Those phones are the LG Q92 5G, LG V50, and LG V50S. These should get Android 12 software by the end of June, but that doesn’t mean it’ll arrive on all models worldwide. We’d expect this update to land on devices in Korea, and then it’ll likely roll out to other countries, which may mean the update for those in the US falls outside this quarter.


LG also confirmed it will be sending out security patches to the LG Q52, LG Velvet, and the LG Wing. The LG Velvet already received Android 12 software in March this year, while the other two devices on this list are still waiting on their update to the latest from Google. It’s unclear if any LG phones will receive Android 13 when it lands later in 2022.

Soon after LG’s phone business shutdown was confirmed, the company released a promising statement saying updates would continue to specific phones. It said a three-year guarantee was in place for “LG premium phones released in 2019 and later (G series, V series, VELVET, Wing) while certain 2020 models such as LG Stylo and K series will receive two OS updates.” That suggests phones like the V50, and the LG Velvet will eventually receive Android 13, but that has yet to be confirmed.

As noted by Android Police alum Ron Amadeo last year, the wording throughout its statement was unclear, and security updates are the only guarantee. The company said in 2021, “All premium LG smartphones currently in use will receive up to three iterations of Android operating system updates from the year of purchase.” That use of the phrase “up to” suggests to use there’s no guarantee Android 13 will land on these phones, and only time will tell how long LG continues its support.

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