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Stop blaming Joe Biden for everything

The author of a recent letter [“Biden beats out Carter as our worst president,” Sept. 17] could have written it the day after the election back in November. Because his candidate did not win, all of the world’s problems are due to Joe Biden.

The recent acts of North Korea have nothing to do with Donald Trump’s “love affair” with Kim Jong Un in the first two years of his presidency, then silence after that? I’m sure that did not create tension.

Biden has had very little, if anything, to do with China—a country we can absolutely not do without, rightly or wrongly. Trump spent time antagonizing China with tariffs and caused the tension we are seeing now.

I must also point out that Russian cyber attacks did not start under this administration.

There is no question that the Afghanistan issue was a problem and would have been under any administration. If the writer thinks that Biden’s evacuation of over 100,000 Afghans, many of whom are destined for this country, was inadequate, let’s review Trump’s feelings about immigration.

The writer sarcastically made the statement that Biden did not want to pass this “forever war” on to a fifth president. Was it not Trump who felt that Biden acted too slowly?

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