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(The Center Square) – While Illinois State Police say they’re on top of a breach involving the information of gun owners around the state, some at the statehouse say it’s time to end the Firearm Owner’s Identification card program.

Adding to the problems of application backlogs over the past two years, it was revealed earlier this month the state’s FOID database for people to enter information to comply with the law was hacked.

Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly said agency officials caught the breach early.

“We remain on the offensive, but we know all systems, whether it’s the federal government, state government, local government, private industry, are continuously under attack,” Kelly said.

The agency said around 2,000 people’s information may have been accessed and those people have been notified.

State Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer, R-Jacksonville, said the card should be done away with.

“Nobody wants to be on this database as a gun owner and if somebody gets a hold of it, certainly that can lead to crime and criminals finding access to more guns, it’s just not the right to do thing,” Davidsmeyer said. “They may have a hold of it now, but they didn’t have a hold of it before and this could happen again.”

Davidsmeyer said the hack leads to the ultimate distrust of government and he’s concerned about requiring the database for people wanting to exercise protected Second Amendment rights.

“I would say we need to get rid of the FOID card,” he said. “At this point, I’ve always said we’re second class citizens in our own state. Other people can come to Illinois without having to go through this process.”

Several Republicans have filed legislation to abolish the FOID card for years without success. Democrats have taken steps to strengthen gun laws in the state. The FOID law faces multiple lawsuits in both state and federal courts.

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