Krafton permanently banned 47,624 Battlegrounds Mobile India accounts | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI, one of the most popular mobile games, is facing a big problem which is cheaters in the…

Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI, one of the most popular mobile games, is facing a big problem which is cheaters in the game. Krafton, developer of BGMI, continuously working to solve this problem and banning the hackers and cheaters from Battlegrounds Mobile India. To do so, they regularly improvise the anti-cheat software of the game. Krafton released a list of the latest sanctions against cheaters including the list of 47,624 banned accounts. Let’s check out the detailed information on the latest announcement. Follow the latest BGMI Updates at InsideSport.IN

Battlegrounds Mobile India (Image Via Krafton)

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Krafton posted,

Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans, 47,624 accounts were permanently banned from 6/27 ~ 7/3. We would also like to present you the entire list of cheaters who have tried to ruin our Battlegrounds. *Click to see (or Click to download) 

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will keep implementing sanctions against cheaters with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in the game to provide users with a pleasant gaming environment.

BGMI: Krafton permanently banned 47,624 Battlegrounds Mobile India accounts, Check the list here
BGMI latest sanctions against cheaters (Image via Krafton)

Krafton introduces Ban Pan 2.0 to deal with cheaters in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton is actively working on providing the best mobile gaming experience to the players of Battlegrounds Mobile India. But cheaters are ruining the game environment where players think about leaving the game after being killed by a hacker. Recently, Krafton introduces Ban Pan 2.0 version in the game. This is an advanced version of the anti-cheat system that prevents hackers to join a game.

When a user request to start the game, the Ban Pan 2.0 system scan the device and background active apps for cheating software or files. If the anti-cheat system detects cheaters, then it issued a permanent ban for that account. Also, Krafton has brought an Eagle eye system which keeps an eye on all players in the ongoing game for unusual activities. The developer also brings the brand new device ban feature for Battlegrounds Mobile India which prevents hackers to use the same device in the game again after getting a device ban.

After the introduction of Ban Pan 2.0 in Battlegrounds Mobile India, the number of hackers and cheaters is decreasing day by day. Players can now enjoy the game without being worried about cheaters in matches. Follow the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India Updates at InsideSport.IN

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