KP reserves 15.85 pc of its land for protection of wild species, surpassing international standard of 14pc | #itsecurity | #infosec

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has reserved 15.85 percent of its land for protection of wildlife by declaring protected areas to establish different national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and wildlife refugees, surpassing the international standard of 14 percent.

According to a statement issued here on Monday by Forestry, Environment and Wildlife Department, the provincial government has reserved an area of around 824,592 hectares of land out of the total of 1,612,550 hectares of land, making a percentage of 15.85.

Giving the breakup of the total figure, the statement added, nine national parks have been set up over an area of 199,301 hectres of land. These national parks are Kamal Ban in Manshera district (2208), Sheikh Badin in D.I.Khan (2667), Ayubia in Abbotabad (3372), Chitral Gol in Chitral (7750), Saif ul Maluk in Manshera (4867), Nizampur in Nowshera (5236), Malakandi in Manshera (8082), Lulusar & Dodipath in Manshera (30375) and Broghil in Chitral (134,744).

Four Wildlife Sanctuaries are established in parts of the province over an area of around 35,202 hectares. The sanctuaries included Agram Basti in Chitral (29866), Manshi in Manshera (2321), Boraka in Kohat (2025), Chashma in D.I.Khan (990).

Two Wildlife Refugees are set up over an area of 8954 hectares of land. These included D.I.Khan Waterfowl in D.I.Khan (3774) and Lakki Crane Refuge in Lakki Marwat (5180).

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