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Coincub reports that there have been over 15 verified cases of crypto crime in the nation, with revenues estimated at $1.59 billion. The United States, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom are the other top four nations that closely watch the hermit kingdom.

North Korea stands first

North Korea’s contribution to the worldwide crypto crime rate is unknown, but Coincub noted that the country has a big and well-organized cyber program.

The great majority of the nation’s residents deal with undernutrition, food insecurity, and a lack of access to essential services. They lack access to the worldwide web. However, the nation has emerged as a superpower in hacking.

Despite being economically cut off from the rest of the world, North Korea has created a breed of hackers that are responsible for some of the most serious breaches. 

Sophisticated North Korean hackers have committed a number of profitable cyberattacks to steal money for the nation’s weapons projects.

The research asserts that because Pyongyang alone controls internet access, any attacks coming from the DPRK are certainly state-sponsored. 

The nation’s cyber army has attacked public and private institutions all across the world, with the money it makes going directly into the national military budget.

In 2020–2021, the crypto business had a significant tipping point. In this period, North Korean hackers allegedly gained control of and conducted seven further attacks on these sites to aid in funding their nuclear development, according to a UN assessment. 

One of the major ways that the nation generates revenue online is through cryptocurrency, but all of these transactions are fake because of severe international sanctions.

The most targeted exchanges still occur in South Korea. For instance, DPRK hackers hit Bithumb four times. The latter received $60 million in all.

Why South Korea is first?

The Lazarus Group, a state-sponsored hacking collective, was responsible for some of the most important weight in recent years, including the Sony assault in 2014.

Over the course of more than 7 hours, the assault affected almost 200,000 machines across 150 nations. Russia, India, Ukraine, and Taiwan were the major objectives. 

More recently, the team stole more than $620 million from the Ronin bridge of Axie Infinity early this year.

It’s possible that the DPRK’s cyber program, which currently employs 7,000 people and has activities in more than 150 nations, has carried out several heists that were never verified. 

According to multiple US intelligence organizations, DPRK hackers have adapted to Web3 as a result of the quick changes in the crypto realm and are presently attacking DeFi.

Despite the current market dip, one of the world’s most violent and totalitarian countries may have been leading in cryptocurrency crime with its illegal stash of coins and tokens.

According to recent reports from CryptoPotato, North Korean bad actors have also been affected by the market crash. North Korea’s capacity to conduct more heists and cyberattacks on the industry may have been limited by the repeated drops in the crypto markets.

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