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Keokuk County Warns of Current Scam | KCII Radio – The One to Count On

The Keokuk County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Iowa State Police Association is warning the public about a scam currently circulating the state and KCII listening area. The Keokuk County Sheriff’s Office shared via social media that  the person perpetrating the scam calls the potential victim on a number that shows on caller ID as a valid law enforcement phone number, and they claim to be an officer, investigator or federal agent. They claim that your identity has been stolen or that you have an arrest warrant and demand that money be transferred, wired or given to them in prepaid gift cards to clear the charges.

The two agencies would like to remind the public that law enforcement never contacts citizens by phone to request payment to clear an arrest warrant. They never request payment by gift card. Caller ID is not always accurate and easy to spoof.

They advise residents that if they receive a call they are in doubt about, hang up and call back on an official number that you verify yourself and to never provide personal information or credit card numbers to someone that calls you.  


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