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Piero Canobbio in his Mitsubishi Evolution 10 during the 2021 ARC Equator Rally in Naivasha on April 24. [Equator Rally]

World motorsport governing body, FIA, has given Kenya the green light to host the WRC Safari Rally in June.

This follows an assessment after the ARC Equator Rally held in Naivasha last weekend.

The contest, won by speedster Carl Tundo of Minti Motorsport, acted as a dress rehearsal for the WRC Safari Rally which returns to Kenyan soil after a 19 -year hiatus.

Below, The Standard Sports highlights how FIA ranked Kenya in four sectors; documentation, running of the rally, safety team and equipment and the spectator safety.


Safety inspection: Above standard.

FIA said controls were well manned. “No illegal recce was possible due to good control messures. All radios were clearly marked and manned. All recce vehicles were fitted with speed control tracking devices,” FIA stated.

Safety plan: Above standard.

FIA was impressed with the services of the safety officer and his team who produced a detailed and functioning plan. “It was clear and understandable, it was easy to impliment, the officials understood their deployment locations.”

Road book: Complied with standard.

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This included tulips, maps and alternative roads. FIA advised that jumps, dips and other danger zones should be clearly marked during the WRC.

Program: Complied with standard.

It involved presentation of content that included spectator safety requirements and detail and explanation of the spectator area. The well planned program, layout, maps and directions gave the country points.

Other documents: Above standard.

The dcumentation, itinerary, maps, drawing and layout were well done.

2. Running of the rally

Reconnaissance: Complied with standard.

FIA said the controls were well manned, no illegal recce was possible due to the tough control measures.

Shakedown: Complied with standard.

All required protocols were in place and well excecuted. “All safety cars operated on a schedule through the stage. Full safety procedures were in place,” said FIA.

Safety Plan: Above standard.

Kenya availed every requirement as set out in the safety plan including the run off, escape routes, joining roads and the gates.

TC, starts and finishes: Complied with standard.

There was good access control to all the stages with clearly marked spectator area.

Stages, sporting challenges: Complied with standard.

The stages had all ingredients of a Rally. “There were smooth flowing sections, tight and twisty areas, hill climb segments,rocky areas, wet and muddy, rough and fast tracks.”

Interest for spectators (SSS): Complied with standard.

All spectator areas were clearly marked and accurately located.

Signage, arrows, chevrons: Complied with standard.

FIA advised more chevron to be placed on stages especially on T-junctions, fences and before drop off’s.

Radio points: Above standard.

The signage was clearly visible at each radio point which had red flag shown to the safety vehicles.

Protection of dangerous points: Complied with standard.

All recommendations done by FIA were put in place.

Access and escape roads control: Complied with standard.

 Road/track surface: Complied with standard.

Stages had good balance of smooth, rough, technical and wet patches which remained in good conditions after the first runs for the repeats.

Media: Complied with standard.

There was good media presence, well managed with no incidents. Media liaison was well excecuted.

Refueling: Complied with standard.

It was done in a safe manner, with fire trucks on scene at all times.

Jasmith Chana navigated by Ravi Chana racing on Mitsubishi Evolution during Africa Rally Championship shake down at Loldia in Naivasha on April 23, 2021. [Stafford Ondego, The Standard]

3. Safety Team and Equipment

Safety Officer: Complied with standard.

Liaison and communication between officials: Complied with standard.

Safety cars and car crew: Complied with standard.

Marshals number, signage behavior: Above standard.

Safety meeting/safety car briefing: Complied with standard.

Security service/police/gendarmerie: Above standard.

Safety delegate cars, sweepers: Complied with standard.

Emergency vehicles and personal ambulances,FIVs, fire: complied with standard.

Radio channels: Above standard.

Helicopter and duties: Complied with standard.

Safety tracking: Above standard.

On sight medical centre: Above standard

4. Spectator safety 

Information to spectator: Complied with standard.

Spectator area: Complied with standard

Spectator arena set up: Complied with standard.

Security, Marshal: Complied with standard

Respect of reserve area by the public: Complies with standards.

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