Keep your Instagram account information secure | #socialmedia

In a new social media scam, con-artists are not only trying to get into victims’ Instagram accounts – but their emails too! This scam can get tricky and might be easy to stumble on so as always, it’s important to be protective over your personal information. Scammers don’t need much information to hack accounts and steal vital information.

The scam begins when a victim receives an email that looks to be Instagram accusing them of violating copyright laws and threatening to deactivate their account in 24 hours if they do not prove their account is real and legal. The email contains a link to “verify” the user’s account and claims it is the only way to prove the user’s account is legitimate. Once the user clicks on the link, they’re redirected to a website that prompts them to input their Instagram username and password. While many scams may end there, this one doesn’t!

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