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MSPs that partner with Kaspersky continue to face growing question marks on multiple continents. Indeed, the United States, Germany and Italy continue to raise Russia-oriented concerns about the cybersecurity company.

Among the pressure points:

Those moves surfaced amid Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine. The war, triggered by Russia, has reignited concerns that Kaspersky could have undisclosed ties to Russia’s government. Those concerns made major headlines back in 2017, when the U.S. government ordered federal agencies to remove Kaspersky’s software from federal networks.

The apparent fallout for Kaspersky extends from the United States to Europe to even Australia and New Zealand — where distributor Dicker Data has canceled a partnership with Kaspersky, according to The Australian Financial Review. Dicker Data Chief Operating Officer Vladimir Mitnovetski is of Ukrainian heritage, and that weighed into the distributor’s decision, the report said.

Moreover, HackerOne no longer allows Kaspersky to uses its bug bounty platform.

Kaspersky Statements, MSP Partner Ecosystem Details

Kaspersky has repeatedly and consistently denied allegations that the company has ties to Russia’s government. To further address the concerns, Kaspersky maintains a Transparency Center — where partners and customers can review the company’s code, software updates, threat detection rules and other technical and business processes. And in March 2022, Kaspersky offered this statement in response to government concerns in Germany.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky’s MSP partner program has been in growth mode — though we don’t know if or how Russia’s war against Ukraine will impact that business.

Kaspersky’s sales through MSPs grew 75 percent in 2021 vs. 2020, according to a January 2022 statement from the company. The overall partner program features a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription payment plan, and a License Management Portal for partners, the company noted at the time.

Decision Day for MSPs and MSSPs In Italy

Take a closer look, and you’ll notice that Italy was one of Kaspersky’s fastest-growing regions for MSP partners in 2021, the company indicated. Now, Italy’s government has raised concerns about the use of such software. Will be watching to see if MSPs remain loyal to the software — and whether some MSSPs help Italian agencies to remove the software.

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