Justin Kan NFT Platform Massive Breach Leads to Thousand-Dollar Theft! 100,000 Users Affected | #computerhacking | #hacking

Justin Kan, an American internet entrepreneur, recently launched his own NFT platform. However, after the online site’s debut, a massive security breach quickly took place.

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As of the moment, the Justin Kan NFT platform is considered one of the web3 crypto websites in the market. These online pages are still unsafe, despite billions in VC investments.

“Their actual Discord Bot was hacked encouraging people to mint 3333 NFTs for 1 Solana (worth $177 each),” said Zach Bussey, a streamer critic, via his official tweet.

Right now, NFT platforms are further growing as the non-fungible token industry becomes more popular. Recently, TechTimes reported that Instagram’s platform would soon bring NFTs.

Meanwhile, Nike’s RTFKT NFT Studio acquisition was recently completed. All these details clearly show how NFT further attracts more investors. However, it also attracts cybercriminals.

Justin Kan’s NFT Platform Breach

According to Tech Crunch’s latest report, a scammer was able to hack the new NFT platform, Fractal. Security experts explained that the cybercriminal sent malicious links to more than 100,000 users. 

Justin Kan NFT Platform Massive Breach Leads to Thousand-Dollar Theft! 100,000 Users Affected

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After the victims clicked the fraudulent links, they were urged to pay for a new NFT. The hacker was able to fool them after promising access to 3,333 commemorative non-fungible tokens, which are said to be designed to celebrate Fractal’s debut. 

However, cybersecurity researchers confirmed that the URL is a fake one since the letter i in for “fractal.is” is in lowercase instead of uppercase.  

Fractal Breach is a Common Issue

The latest security breach of Fractal is not really an unusual happening. Recently, the Monkey Kingdom, a Solana-based project, was also hacked, which led to more than $1.3 million crypto theft. 

Just like with Justin Kan’s NFT platform, this website was also hacked through discord. This is why it is important to check the URLs you are accessing, especially if they are linked to NFTs. If you want to see further details, you can visit this link. 

For more news updates about Justin Kan’s NFT platform and other rising crypto websites, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes.  

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