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Android Auto might be rapidly picking new features and support for more third-party apps but the platform has had its fair share of troubles recently as well. New issues keep cropping up now and then. While some issues stem from faulty updates, others could be device-specific problems. Over the past few months, several Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners have reported an issue where Android Auto crashes if they unlock the phone. A fix for that issue is now on the way.

According to user complaints on Google’s support forums, Android Auto works smoothly when they first connect their device, irrespective of whether it is locked or unlocked (via). If the lock status is kept unchanged, there’s no issue at all. But if the phone is locked and they unlock it, Android Auto crashes. Users need to disconnect and reconnect the cable for the feature to work again. For some users, it restarts on its own after some time. However, it often requires permission that needs them to press Allow. Of course, it will only work for as long as they don’t unlock their phone again.

Note that if the device is unlocked at the beginning, Android Auto continues to work smoothly even if it is locked after connecting. It crashes only when a locked device is unlocked. Affected Samsung smartphone models include the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 20, and many others. Of course, not all users of these phones are having this issue. However, it stills seems quite widespread. Thankfully, a fix is coming soon.

Samsung will release the fix with the July security patch

It’s unclear what’s causing the issue. However, both Google and Samsung have verified the issue and the problem is on the latter’s side. Google’s Android Auto team has already informed the Korean firm about it and a fix is coming soon.

According to a Community Specialist on Google forums, the fix will be rolled out to the affected devices with the July 2021 Android security patch. So if you’re one of those unfortunate users, you’ll have to live with this issue for at least a couple more weeks. For the time being, you might not want to unlock your locked phone when using Android Auto.

Samsung tends to release the latest security patches much before we enter the new month. So there’s some hope that the July security patch will start rolling out for some Galaxy smartphones by the end of this month. We will make sure to update you when that happens.

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