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Dr. Joyce L. Malainy

Recently, C-TEC hosted a visitor from California, a writer and podcaster with a national audience, who had never seen Ohio’s delivery of Career Technical Education (CTE) and wanted to do so.

His questions and comments as he toured our Secondary and Post-Secondary Centers reminded me just how important C-TEC is to our students and local economy. And while it seems so much of the news is dominated by the negative indicators in the economy and the difficulties our employers are having in meeting their workforce needs, that visit and his impression of the importance of CTE reassured me that we are on the right path.

While I am certainly more than a little biased, I am proud that the Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County is our community’s career technical educational resource of choice. All of us—high school students and adults need and want more security and better career opportunities, and C-TEC helps make those goals attainable. Too often financial and scheduling factors play a role in someone not being able to make a positive change. We try to address that in a variety of ways so that attending C-TEC is a possibility for anyone.

At the secondary center, we work closely with a student’s high school so that they can attend C-TEC and receive career technical training, earning industry-recognized credentials while meeting home district graduation requirements. Through our various school-to-work opportunities, we are helping local employers address their workforce needs and provide valuable work-based learning experiences as a part of the high school curriculum. What a tremendous win-win for our students and regional business and industry partners. Additionally, we prepare our secondary students for options after high school including apprenticeships, and articulation to our post-secondary partners. And we do this with an average high school graduation rate of 98%.

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