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Johnny and Moira’s parenting methods were at center stage throughout Schitt’s Creek. Alexis and David made it abundantly clear that their parents weren’t always there for them when they were growing up. Their nanny was the one who raised them while Johnny and Moira gave them their lifestyle. 

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But when the Rose family got to Schitt’s Creek, they couldn’t rely on other people to keep track of their children. Above all else, they had to take care of their family as a way to get out of Schitt’s Creek and back to their former ways. And while Moira and Johnny’s parenting skills were judged immensely, they slowly transformed into caring, protective parents that fans adored

10 Johnny: Protective Of Alexis From Artie

Alexis and artie at the cafe before crying to johnny on schitts creek

When Alexis and Ted broke up for good, the only way to mend her heart was to go on different dates to distract herself. After going on a few dates with Artie, Alexis seemed like her old self again. That is until Johnny and Moira found out that Artie was their age.

Now that Johnny and Alexis are on a better path, he was not okay with her dating someone his age, especially when he didn’t know Artie’s intentions. He eventually had a heart-to-heart with Artie, which ended up scaring him away and ending things with Alexis. If that wasn’t endearing enough, Johnny hugged Alexis as she cried to him about still being heartbroken over Ted. It was one of the pair’s softer moments.

9 Moira: Encouraged Alexis’ Career Path

Moira and Alexis looking at a cell phone in schitts creek

Moira is a harsher parent than Johnny, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her children as much. She’s there when it really counts when the family was in Schitt’s Creek. One of her shining moments as a mother is how she complimented and supported Alexis’s efforts as a publicist.

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After the success of her Crows movie, Moira was sent flower bouquet after flower bouquet, but they weren’t for her – they were for Alexis. Moira watched her daughter grow into the success that she was and she honored her for it. She also trusted her daughter when it came to her career, which was probably more important to her than her role as a mother.

8 Johnny: Wasn’t Just A Parent To Alexis And David

johnny giving stevie a high five on schitts creek

Although Johnny and Moira only had David and Alexis, Stevie was seen as an adopted daughter for the couple. They referred to David, Alexis, and Stevie as “the kids” and became a huge part of Stevie’s life. When Stevie and Johnny became business partners, they only became closer.

One of their more shining moments (aside from becoming partners) was when Stevie suffered unexpected heartbreak from Emir. Johnny treated her with comfort and care as he left The Hospies early to support her.

7 Moira: Showed Up At Alexis’ Graduation (Even Though Alexis Told Her Not To)

Moira performs for alexis' graduation on schitt's creek

When Alexis found out that she was graduating from high school, she told her parents that they didn’t need to come to graduation. At the last minute, however, Alexis changed her tune and told her parents they were invited. As usual, Moira and Johnny had other plans, but something didn’t sit right with Moira.

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Just as Alexis thought she was alone at graduation, Moira and the Jazzagals made a surprise performance concluding the ceremony. As Moira sang, she and Alexis had a special connection as it meant a lot to both of them.

6 Johnny: Had “The Talk” With Patrick

johnny patrick schitts creek

In “Moira Rosé,” Moira and David were visiting a local winery while Patrick planned on spending the day watching baseball and eating pizza at the motel. Johnny was hoping to have a conversation with Patrick about his intentions with David (now that they were engaged) but he didn’t know how to go about it.

Seeing how nervous he was talking to Patrick was adorable. And luckily for him, Patrick sensed that David wanted to say something, so he started the conversation for him. The moment proved how much Johnny loved his son and wanted a good life for him.

5 Moira: Her New Maternal Instinct

Moira takes care of a sick alexis on schitt's creek

When Alexis woke up with a fever, Moira feared the worse. Here they were in a run-down town with, presumably, poor medical care. She didn’t want Johnny or David around Alexis in case what sickness was contagious. And as cold as Moira’s words were, she softened up as the day went on.

Seeing Alexis so sick in bed made Moira’s unknown maternal instincts kick in. With a change of heart, Moira showed up at Alexis’ bedside with soup and cuddles. It was one of the first softer moments of Moira’s parenting that viewers saw.

4 Johnny: Has Always Accepted And Supported David

Johnny and moira at the hawaiian party with roland on schitts creek

In “Honeymoon,” everyone finds out that David and Stevie slept with each other, and it got even more awkward when the two didn’t know how to act around each other. That night, the Schitts held their annual Hawaiian party where Moira and Johnny smoked with Roland and Jocelyn.

In a dazed fog, Johnny and Roland are talking about their sons when Johnny explains that David is pansexual. Both men agreed that their sons are free to love whoever they love. When Johnny saw David later that night, he hilariously told him that he “endorsed” all of David’s encounters and just wanted his life to be easy. While the timing felt off, it’s nice knowing that Johnny always supported David.

3 Moira: Gave Stevie Confidence

stevie and moira back stage during cabaret on schitt's creek

Johnny wasn’t the only one who treated Stevie like a daughter, Moira also came to love Stevie without outwardly saying it.

During the town’s production of Cabaret, Moira knew the secret to the show was Stevie. More than that, Stevie needed something like the lead of the play to feel more confident. Moira was surprisingly patient with Stevie and told her how proud she was at the end of the show. It was a big moment for both of them.

2 Johnny: Surprises His Kids With A Celebration

a cake for alexis and david after their big day on Grad Night in Schitts Creek

On “Grad Night,” it wasn’t just Alexis’ big night, it was David’s too. The night of Alexis’ graduation was also David’s birthday. David assumed he’d spend the evening alone when both of his parents had plans and Alexis was graduating.

However, his night ended on a high note when not only did he have dinner with Patrick and Stevie, but his parents made up for their absence by greeting them with a joint celebratory cake and song. It’s assumed these moments didn’t happen often when the Roses had money because David and Alexis looked overcome with gratitude.

1 Moira: Adoration For Her Son’s Relationship

David and moira at open mic night in schitts creek

David and Alexis were both lucky enough to find love in Schitt’s Creek. Both Johnny and Moira were entertained by their kids’ relationships. And while Alexis and Ted didn’t work out, David was lucky enough to end up with Patrick. Moira and Johnny both saw what David saw in Patrick and took a liking to him immediately.

On Open Mic Night, Moira’s support for her son’s relationship grew as she watched Patrick serenade David. And finally, she gave her son the ultimate gift by marrying them in the series finale. 

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