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Tony La Russa’s second season with the Chicago White Sox has not gone as expected. The White Sox were expected to win the American League Central, but as we head into the All-Star break, they are sitting at third place in their division with a 46-46 record. Not to mention, La Russa has made several questionable managerial choices that has raised some eyes in Chicago.

As things continue to get worse for Tony La Russa and the Sox, many are wondering whether or not he may be on the hot seat in Chicago. Jon Heyman of the New York Post decided to get answers himself, and asked White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf whether or not La Russa would make it through the season. Heyman discussed the response he got from Reinsdorf on the Mully and Haugh Show this morning:

“I checked in with Jerry Reinsdorf recently, just about a week or so ago, about whether La Russa was going to keep his job. He responded to me by email as he always does. He said something like, ‘I would expect somebody who has been around as long as you that knows me that well would know that I would not answer that question. He did respond. My assumption, belief regarding La Russa is La Russa is safe and will manage out the season – at least this year and probably next season as well” – Jon Heyman, Audacy

Heyman had to know he wasn’t going to get Reinsdorf to reveal his hand here, but it is interesting to see his response. Reinsdorf doesn’t seem to be in any rush to let go of Tony La Russa, otherwise he probably already would have been fired. Chances are La Russa will make it through the season, but it Chicago’s struggles continue, maybe Reinsdorf will have a change of heart.

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