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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jenzabar, Inc., a leading technology innovator in higher education serving the new student, today unveiled the Campus Movement, Jenzabar’s initiative to provide learners with the skills they need to thrive. The Campus Movement embodies Jenzabar’s vision for a world in which anyone, anywhere can find, learn, and live their true calling. As part of the Campus Movement, Jenzabar released today Campus Marketplace powered by Jenzabar, a platform that enables institutions to provide courses to a broader market of learners by allowing enrolled and unenrolled students to register and pay for courses through a branded online storefront. Also part of the Campus Movement is Jenzabar’s recent acquisition of Spark451, whose services will make it easier for institutions to develop enrollment strategies that identify and retain students. As institutions begin to offer more skills-based courses and programs, these services and strategies are critical to helping institutions reach new learners.

The dynamics of higher education are changing. As enrollment challenges persist across the nation, reaching new learners will become more and more important. While general enrollment is declining, experts predict a rise in older, non-traditional student enrollment. Meanwhile, skills-based hiring is on the rise and many older students are seeking ways to learn the skills required to compete in today’s workforce. In Jenzabar’s 2021 Education and Employment survey, 56% of adults said they would sign up for training and education to pursue a lucrative career if it were affordable, accessible, and easy to do in their own time. The Campus Movement’s long-term vision is to make this type of education a reality and to help colleges and universities align student and institutional needs with the current and future needs of the job market.

Designed to help institutions extend their reach and support modern learners, Campus Marketplace enables colleges and universities to unbundle their course offerings from degree programs and make them accessible to learners who may not be enrolled at the institution. Schools can publish their courses to a branded online storefront, delivering a modern ecommerce experience that today’s digital-native learners expect. With Campus Marketplace, learners of all types, including those looking for an online college experience or those looking to acquire new skills, can select courses that best suit their needs and enroll whenever they want.

“Everyone should be able to become their own masterpiece, but the current education system does not work for all students. We need to think about how to build an education system that takes into account new economical landscapes, competitive work environments, and rapidly changing learner demographics, all of which have made it more difficult for individuals to get the education they need to succeed,” said Ling Chai Maginn, Jenzabar Founder, President, and CEO. “The Campus Movement envisions a path forward in this challenging climate and aims to light the way for institutions to help learners acquire the skills they need to find lucrative careers. The Campus Movement is the roadmap to a more accessible, attainable, and affordable world of education.”

Spark451’s services will also play a significant role in the Campus Movement. As a higher education enrollment strategy, technology, and marketing firm, Spark451 integrates a multitude of communication channels and platforms for effective enrollment marketing, student search, creative services, and digital media. By bringing Spark451’s services into the Jenzabar portfolio, institutions can create essential marketing campaigns that attract new learners.

“The traditional admissions recruitment environment has been disrupted,” said Kevin Cavanagh, Vice President for Enrollment at Bloomfield College. “I rely on Spark451 to help Bloomfield College differentiate itself and engage future students in digital and social spheres.”

“The Campus Movement addresses the disconnect between traditional higher education degrees, changing student profiles, and the jobs that businesses need to fill,” said Omer Riaz, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Jenzabar. “The Campus Movement also highlights how we envision the future of modern higher education, where learners of all types are empowered to pick their own pathways to earn the jobs they want and become their masterpiece.”

With Campus Marketplace, institutions can:

  • Simplify the registration process for learners seeking non-credit courses.
  • Easily organize and publish multiple course catalogs on a modern, online branded ecommerce storefront.
  • Allow enrolled students and unenrolled learners to register and pay for non-credit courses through a school’s website.
  • Integrate with Jenzabar One to enable seamless data exchange, allowing schools to follow students across their entire academic journey.

Campus Marketplace is available now. For more information, click here.

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Created out of a passion for education and a vision for technology, Jenzabar offers disruptive, innovative software solutions and services that empower students’ success and help higher education institutions meet the demands of the modern student. Over 1,350 higher educational campuses harness Jenzabar solutions for improved performance across campus and a more personalized and connected experience for the student. For further information, please visit or on Twitter @Jenzabar or LinkedIn.

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