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As the world is moving towards digitization, the threat of hacking has also increased. In recent times, we have witnessed that even the most sophisticated systems across the globe can’t claim to be fully secure and safe. One such instance is the hacking of Jamal Khashoggi’s WhatsApp, who is a late journalist, and allegedly assassinated by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. The reason for mentioning it is that Meta-owned WhatsApp claims to be end-to-end encrypted but still it got hacked. Keeping that in mind, system hacking in Pakistan should not be seen as a surprise, The phishing attempts on the country’s institutions and organizations have reached alarming levels. In the past few months, hacking attempts were made on FBR, NADRA, FIA, etc, though these are some of Pakistan’s major institutions.

Alleged DataBase Leak of Telenor and Jazz Surfaces on Twitter

This past weekend, a few tweets were circulating on the social media platforms, entailing that the hackers have targeted the two major telecom companies, Jazz and Telenor. Twitter users are saying that the databases of Jazz and Telenor have been breached and being sold on Telegram.


As you can see in the aforementioned images, different users are saying that the database has been breached and being sold on Telegram. One tweet entails that the database files are available with GBs of data for sale but no one knows what’s inside before buying. While another tweet states that the private database is on sale which can be bought through different cryptocurrencies equivalent to USD 250.

Response From the Telecom Companies:

Both the telecom companies rejected all the accusations regarding the data breach. Jazz and Telenor clarified it through the social media platforms and told their customers to use the services without any fear.

From Jazz:

In response to the news, Jazz tweeted and said,

Jazz continues to develop advanced cyber security capabilities to actively protect its networks, products and customer data. There have been no reports of any unwanted activity on our network or breach of subscribers’ data. The protection of our customers’ data in compliance with relevant authorities and legal frameworks remains our foremost priority. In addition, alleged claims of data leak on social media, although seem baseless will still be throughly investigated in line with the importance Jazz attaches to data security.

From Telenor:

Simultaneously, Telenor through its official Twitter account clarified that no customer data has been breached. However, still, the company has stated that it would investigate the matter for the satisfaction of its customers.

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