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Jarrett Allen, center of the Cleveland Cavaliers, told the curious story of how he was ‘forced’ to use iPhone.

The iPhone is the mobile used by most athletes, actors and businessmen. The vast majority of basketball players in the NBA have an Apple device, although there are some cases that prefer Android. East NBA player was “forced” to use iPhone.

Jarrett Allen and how he was “forced” to use iPhone

Jarrett Allen He is one of the best players in the NBA. The center of the Cleveland Cavaliers has told the curious story about how his team has “forced” you to use an iPhone to keep in touch with your colleagues.

Allen has used an Android mobile since his seasons in college basketball. In fact, he has mentioned that he only spends his contract money on the right thing because he claims that he is a normal person, just like you and me.

But what if the needs of the team conflict with your philosophy? Jarrett Allen has been forced to buy an iPhonebecause the Cleveland Cavaliers coaching staff uses iMessage as a group chat.

Jarrett Allen has told the funny story of how he was forced to use iPhone

Allen has told this curious story In an interview for ESPN during his first call to an All-Star game:

So it’s fun. I actually had to get an iPhone (I have an Android and an iPhone) just because they wouldn’t let me into the group chat. Sometimes they would say, ‘J, why weren’t you at the event last night?’ It’s like: ‘what event?’ I wasn’t in the group chat because they want all the blue messages

Apple had planned to release iMessage for Android, but the idea has been scrapped due to security issues and system incompatibility. Apple’s messaging app is very secure, and it’s no surprise that sports organizations use it for their group chats, in order to avoid leaks and hacks, which are more common in apps like WhatsApp.

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