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In what’s turning out to be an interesting week for Apple in the enterprise, Jamf has introduced two new Apple admin tools — one to simplify and automate Mac app installations in business, another to better manage and secure Apple devices used by smaller businesses. I caught up with company CEO Dean Hager to learn more about the new products and get a pulse check on Apple’s progress in the enterprise.

Apple gains, an industry grows

Apple continues to gain business users. This is driving better support for Apple products at work, as evidenced by the kind of integrations being regularly introduced. Just this week, for example, Cisco has introduced AirPlay support for Webex devices, Apple told us Managed Apple IDs will integrate with Google Workspace starting this  spring and acquired an innovative credit reference start-up.

To meet the expanding needs of that growing Apple enterprise ecosystem, Jamf introduced two new products, Jamf Fundamentals and Jamf App Installers.

What does App Installers do?

Aimed at Mac admins, App Installers is a system that gives IT a reliable way to manage apps installed across their entire Mac fleet, automating burdensome processes such as app update monitoring, testing, and security policy controls.

“Today if an organization is using an application title, the process of keeping that app updated is a hugely time-intensive task for IT teams,” Hager said.

That means admins must monitor each app for new versions, download and test the installers, perhaps repackage it for distribution, and assess any updates against security policy.

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