‘I’ve never seen diesel prices this high’ | #socialmedia

A protest by a large group of truckers and hauliers against rising fuel prices caused significant traffic disruption around Dublin on Wednesday.

The protest was organised by a new group going by the name Irish Truckers Haulage Association Against Fuel Prices, which is demanding that the Government lower the cost of fuel after prices increased to a record high in recent months.

The group asked commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, tractors and vans to drive to Leinster House on Wednesday in protest.

“We don’t want any trouble or vigilante groups to act up. Stay at home if that’s your plan please,” a post on its Facebook page said.

It asked participants to “have some consideration” for emergency vehicles.

The trucks made their way from the main motorways into the city centre from early morning and about 80 trucks entered Merrion Square by 11am.

Average fuel prices for petrol and diesel are at a record high, according to data collected by the AA.

The average price for unleaded petrol is now 172.6 cent per litre, while diesel is now 163.3 cent per litre, the highest since the AA started recording filling prices in 1991.

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