It’s a fair probe, say Bengaluru cops to Congress claims of ‘irregularities’ in Bitcoin scam investigation | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

Bengaluru: In a reply to the Congress party’s allegations of irregularities in the multi-crore bitcoin scam, Bengaluru police in a statement claimed that the investigation was carried out “in a fair and professional manner”.

The statement released by Commissioner of Police Kamal Pant’s office read: “Since distorted reports have appeared in the media about the bitcoin case, it is stated that the investigation conducted by CCB was fair and held in a professional manner. It is to emphatically state that such misleading versions are being floated based on incomplete/distorted facts. All such versions are vehemently denied.”

Further, the commissioner claimed that the investigation was conducted by a team of professionals under close supervision and in continuous consultation with reputed experts without any external influence or interference.


Pant claims that it was during an investigation of the seizure of 500 gms of Hydro Ganja consignment that 10 accused persons, including Srikrishna, were arrested.

During the investigation,Srikrishna confessed to his involvement in the alleged hacking of many crypto-currency websites.

The police chief stated that neither any Bitcoins were transferred from Srikrishna’s account nor was any Bitcoin lost. He said that for the purpose of investigation, a government account was obtained. The accused, Srikrishna, showed a wallet which contained 31.8 Bitcoins and the wallet password was changed in the presence of cyber experts.

“Government panchas, and the entire procedure was recorded and submitted to Hon’be court,’ the commissioner stated.


Pant responded to the claim on Whale Alert that 14,682 stolen bitfinex bitcoins were transferred, calling it an unsubstantiated report. He said that even the representatives of Bitfinex company have neither shared any details of the alleged hack nor sought any information so far.

“The law enforcement system/ investigating agencies work on certain procedures laid down by the law of the land. They cannot act on unconfirmed, unknown social media handles/inputs. It is a matter of fact that even though the arrest of the said accused has attained wide media publicity, till date no foreign law enforcement agencies nor any foreign companies have approached the Bangalore Police about any hacking, as claimed by the accused,’ he said.

Also, after the arrest of accused Srikrishna, two other complainants were lodged against him in Cyber police station and Ashoknagar police station. The Bengaluru police informed CBI Interpol and the same information was shared with the ED along with documents on March 3, 2021.

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