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IT security was already a board-level discussion point, but it is becoming an ever-more critical challenge for businesses, with the scale of the threat landscape escalating rapidly in recent years. For many enterprises, turning to their channel partners is their only answer.

Earlier this year, in response to the geo-political environment, and a general proliferation of malware and other threats, the Australian government issued a high alert status on cybersecurity and recommended that organisations “urgently” adopt an enhanced cyber security posture.

However, research shows that just nine per cent of Australian IT professionals feel like their organisation is “prepared” for the IT security threat. Meanwhile, across the country there is a severe cybersecurity skills gap, which is only growing wider.

For the channel, the combination of these challenges, coupled with the urgency of the situation, is a significant opportunity to take a leadership position within their customers.

Understanding The Opportunity

For channel organisations to be able to address the security challenge within their customers, understanding the breadth of the challenge is the first priority. Elsewhere in IT, organisations are investing in transforming their IT environments to become more digital-focused, agile, and embrace the opportunities provided by AI, IoT and the Edge.

Practically, organisations are also shifting from hybrid work being a stop-gap solution in enabling teams to continue to function through COVID-mandated lockdowns and social distancing to being a permanent and strategic part of the organisation’s approach to work. This has further security implications for everything from ensuring that video and voice conferences are protected from remote snooping to the security of the physical equipment, as higher-quality screens, cameras, and voice equipment is brought into meeting rooms and home offices.

Diversified Communications Australia is hosting two events in August that combined aim to help channel organisations understand their role in building solutions that meet the needs of their customers. One is the Integrate expo. This three-day event will contain key themes across hybrid work and the AV experience that is necessary to structure an organisation to take a strategic perspective on the new ways of working.

Channel partners will find value in sessions such as “Presenting Your IT requirements To The IT Team” which will help them better understand the dynamics occurring between IT and other lines of business within their organisation, while “Implementing Cybersecurity for IoT, AV, Media and Workplace Technology Within Enterprise Environments” will be a deep dive into the specific cybersecurity implications of the technology that enables hybrid work.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Security Exhibition & Conference, which will run in parallel in August, will take a more holistic look at security across the organisation. The event includes the ASIAL Security 2022 Conference, in which sessions there will look at the ongoing security implications of digital transformation and AI, how channel partners can help their customers build security capabilities and capacity, and risk management implications with IT. Additionally, there will be a networking event with the Security 2022 Gala Dinner, an exhibition that brings together all the major vendors in the security space, and other events.

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