IT Insight: Your employees – an impenetrable frontline against Cybercrime | #emailsecurity | #phishing | #ransomware

Most cyber security incidents are caused by, or enabled by, human error, and organizations are losing millions to scammers who are targeting your untrained and uninformed employees.

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated every day, security awareness training is a critical investment to maintain a secure corporate environment. Your staff should be your first and best defense against cybercrime – but unless their skills and knowledge are up to date, they are an easy target for data compromise, ransomware, and scams.

Staff training programs should deliver ongoing cyber security education for employees at every level of your organization. A thorough training program should educate your staff in recognizing threats and in changing necessary habits to protect themselves, your business, and your sensitive data. It should incorporate in-depth, interactive training modules in line with the latest security developments and trends.

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