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With technology constantly evolving, more companies have turned to cloud infrastructure for delivering products and services. With this cloud-based delivery system comes the need to implement a cloud-based security infrastructure, as well. Many businesses have increased their cloud presence in the wake of the global pandemic, making it easier to continue operations, often in a remote capacity. With this shift in focus comes the necessity to shift from traditional IT security to cloud infrastructure security.


What is Cloud Infrastructure Security?

The cloud allows for delivering hosted services, like software, hardware, and storage to customers over the Internet. Cloud security is the technology, policies, controls, and services implemented to protect the data, applications, and entire infrastructure from threats. Cloud computing and cloud infrastructure security are applicable for organizations of any size. They have increased in popularity since the pandemic.


Cloud Security Versus Traditional On-Premises IT

Traditional on-premises involves purchasing, installing, and maintaining your IT devices physically on-site. The traditional IT infrastructure is used to collect data, store information, and process a variety of necessary functions. When implementing this approach, more control is given about how many devices will be implemented and how they will be utilized daily. The biggest downside to traditional IT is the cost associated with it. Not only is it expensive to install, but there are high recurrent costs to maintain it.

Cloud infrastructure security products are the opposite. These are on-demand security options that take an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) approach. The cloud makes it possible for companies to access hardware, software, and other infrastructure services that make managing data daily easier. With on-site security, mistakes can be made. In contrast, developers who are conversant in advanced security measures develop a cloud security framework to help thwart a cyber attack.


Is Cloud Infrastructure Security Right For Your Business?

There are many reasons why cloud infrastructure security is a better solution for your business than traditional IT security. The COVID-19 pandemic made the transition to cloud-based products more appealing for businesses. In a Gartner survey, almost 70% of businesses that implemented the cloud planned to increase their cloud infrastructure budgets in the future. Is the cloud and cloud infrastructure security right for your business?


The Cloud is Cost-Effective

IT services, including cloud infrastructure security, are more cost-effective than other methods. The use of cloud infrastructure security cuts out the need for additional equipment and expensive ongoing maintenance. When upgrades are necessary, they are automatic with the cloud. Traditional IT security requires new software and often equipment upgrades, which can be costly depending on the size of your business.


Offers User Flexibility

The global pandemic drove many businesses to adapt to remote working conditions. The cloud and infrastructure security can go with the user wherever they work from. The lack of hardware for security purposes makes using the cloud outside of the office setting feasible. When there is physical equipment or hardware to consider, it’s next to impossible for users to work from anywhere except a workstation.


Reduces Carbon Footprint of Business

Going green is a major trend globally. In fact, most countries have a plan to reduce their carbon footprint and go green by a set future date. Your business can help with that effort by using cloud infrastructure security and eliminating the use of additional equipment necessary for traditional IT security systems.


Effortless Upgrades and Updates

When your technological solutions are delivered by the cloud, so are the updates and the upgrades. Instead of additional installations of physical equipment or purchasing new equipment and waiting for it to arrive, the cloud and its infrastructure security is an on-demand option. Fast and frequent updates (like updating your apps) occur, keeping security up to date without installing new equipment or purchasing new software.


Agility in Changing IT Providers

Not every provider you come across will give your business what it needs. With traditional IT security, a change in provider required returning equipment and then waiting while a new provider installed their services in your infrastructure. Using cloud infrastructure security makes switching providers much easier. There is no physical equipment to send back, and the ability to choose a new provider at the drop of a hat is an innovative approach that puts your business in front of the competition.


Places Business Ahead of Its Time

While the cloud is becoming popular in terms of delivering computing solutions and applications, the implementation of cloud infrastructure security is still being adopted. There will come a time when using the traditional IT security solutions will become obsolete. The more time your business has with a cloud infrastructure security developer, the more knowledgeable your business becomes with operating it. There will be businesses that wait until the last minute to transition from traditional to cloud – don’t fall behind the times.


Cloud or Traditional IT: The Choice is Yours

The choice of how you protect your business is ultimately yours to make. Not every business has switched to cloud computing practices, and they are completely happy with the traditional IT security setup they employ now. However, if your business has thought about expanding into the cloud community, including cloud infrastructure security, the benefits have been laid out for you. Finding the right cloud infrastructure security provider can be as easy as going online and doing a search. Technology is evolving, are you?


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