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Adam Goldberg’s Harry has been part of The Equalizer’s cast since the beginning, but is the character set to exit? Here’s the rumor explored.

Is Adam Goldberg’s Harry set to leave The Equalizer series? The Equalizer has had an interesting journey as a franchise, with the original series debuting on CBS in 1985. The show starred The Wicker Man’s Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, a former employee of a mysterious agency known as “The Company.” After growing disillusioned with his past actions, McCall reinvents himself as a vigilante dubbed the “Equalizer” who helps normal people gain justice when they can’t go to the authorities. The series was a big success, but it was abruptly canceled after four seasons – despite initially being greenlit for a fifth – following contract disputes between CBS and Universal over Murder, She Wrote.


McCall’s time on the small screen came to a sudden stop in 1989, but the franchise was revived once again in 2014. Denzel Washington signed on to play the new version of McCall in Antonie Fuqua’s The Equalizer, with McCall being a retired DIA intelligence officer who fights back against the Russian mafia while trying to save a teenage prostitute played by Chloë Grace Moretz. Having an actor of Washington’s caliber in The Equalizer elevated the whole movie, and it grossed nearly $200 million worldwide. Washington returned for 2018’s The Equalizer 2, with McCall fully embracing his vigilante role. It also marked Washington’s first ever sequel, and while it grossed nearly as much as the first entry, it received mixed reviews.

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The Equalizer returned to TV once again with CBS’ 2021 reboot. This starred Queen Latifah as former CIA operative Robyn McCall who works with a small team to help average New Yorkers right some wrongs. Her team includes Mel (Liza Lapira), a former Air Force sniper and Mel’s husband Harry (Adam Goldberg, known as Friends‘ Eddie), a gifted hacker who faked his death with McCall’s assistance. In the season 2’s “Separated,” Harry has been arrested after accessing CIA files and looks set to go to prison. This led to rumors Adam Goldberg was leaving The Equalizer, which isn’t the case.

Adam Goldberg Is NOT Leaving The Equalizer

adam goldberg as harry in the equalizer

The Equalizer’s “Separated” resolved this crisis itself, where Chris Noth’s Bishop – McCall’s mentor – actually called the President on Harry’s behalf. The hacker was freed on the condition he never access a computer again. Goldberg’s Harry remained on the second season for its entire run, while Harry is set to return for the third season. “Separated” would turn out to be the final appearance by Noth’s Bishop, however, following allegations of sexual assault against the actor.

Despite rumors, Adam Goldberg’s Harry won’t be leaving The Equalizer – short of some surprise twist when the third season arrives. Washington has also signed on for The Equalizer 3 – which is set for 2023 – which will reunite him with his Man On Fire co-star Dakota Fanning. For the time being, The Equalizer brand is going strong.

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