Iran petrol network partially restored after cyberattack | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Iran’s subsidised petrol distribution system was partially restored Friday, three days after an unprecedented cyberattack by unknown perpetrators, authorities said.  

Among 4,300 fuel stations across the country, ‘at present, 1,450 are connected to the central fuel distribution system’, said Fatemeh Kahi, a spokeswoman for the National Oil Products Distribution Company.

A further 2,350 stations were delivering unsubsidised fuel to motorists, she told state news agency IRNA. 

Motorists in Iran who want to take advantage of substantial fuel subsidies must use digital cards issued by the authorities.

The cards provide monthly allowances for fuel at the subsidised rate, after which they must pay the open rate.

Tuesday’s mysterious cyberattack wrought havoc with that accounting and distribution system.

Iran in 2020 was the fifth-biggest producer in the OPEC cartel.   

Authorities said on Tuesday that the results of an investigation into the alleged attack would be ready within 10 days, and that it might have originated from outside Iran.

President Ebrahim Raisi on Wednesday said that his country must be ‘seriously prepared’ against cyberattacks.

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