Iran Doxes Israeli Cybersecurity Expert | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Iran publishes personal information on individual regime says is involved in espionage operations

Iran on Wednesday revealed personal information about an Israeli cybersecurity expert who they claim is involved in espionage operations against the regime in Tehran.

The practice of publicizing previously private information about an individual or organization is known as doxing.

The information was published in the Fars News Agency, an Iranian-based media site managed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The article on the “senior Zionist officer” includes the individual’s phone number, home address, birth date, email address, social media handles and a photograph of the individual’s apartment building.

Iran is also targeting American companies; it was revealed on Wednesday.

Cybersecurity agencies in the US, UK and Australia have been monitoring Iranian activity over the past months, issuing an advisory accusing Iranian government-sponsored hackers of targeting American companies in the health care and transportation sectors.

The alert states that the Iran-backed hackers have been leveraging the initial access gained for follow-up operations “such as data exfiltration or encryption, ransomware, and extortion.”

Iran has also been the victim of cyber attacks, including in October when a cyberattack in Iran interrupted gas distribution at the country’s service stations. Iran accused Israel of being behind the incident.

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