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Another year, another new iOS version has arrived. But the most important question is: can you get it? 

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Only Selected iPhone Models Will Receive the News iOS Update

According to a news story by Wired, Apple is ceasing software support for the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE 2016, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 16. This means that when iOS 16 is launched this fall, you’ll only be able to download and run it if you have an iPhone 8 (2017) or newer models (including the second- and third-generation iPhone SE).

However, if you are still using iPhones that were released in 2016 or earlier can still continue to use their phones. A CNET news report clarified that your older device and all of your apps should continue to work even without the new functionalities of IOS16. However, because you won’t be receiving any new iOS software updates, your device may be vulnerable to hacking and viruses, as software updates frequently include bug fixes.

It is worth noting that the IOS version update is different with security upgrades. Therefore, old iPhone models may still continue to receive security upgrades from Apple. But the thing is, even if it does release a security update, it’s likely that the patches will only address critical vulnerabilities, leaving old devices vulnerable to attack. 

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But Here’s the Catch

While the tech giant will release the latest IOS version to iPhones launched in 2017 and beyond, not every phone will support all of the features in iOS 16, as per the news report of XDA. The new on-device dictation feature and Live Text, for example, has a minimum need of an Apple A12 Bionic device.

You’ll need an iPhone XR or XS or above for this. The report highlighted that in order to get the most out of iOS 16, you’ll basically need an iPhone XS, XR, or XS Max or higher models.

Below is the list of iPhone models that will receive IOS16 update (via XDA):

Some iPad models will also receive the IOS16 update. See the list below (via Wired):

  • iPad: 5th-gen and up

  • iPad Mini: 4th-gen and up

  • iPad Air: 2nd-gen and up

  • 9.7-inch and 10.5-inch iPad Pro

  • 11-inch iPad Pro: First-gen and up

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro: First-gen and up

Read up on what Apple announced at WWDC 2022 for additional information. This includes updates on the All-new Home App, Fitness App, the New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, macOS Ventura, watchOS 9 upgrades and of course, the latest iOS 16 update.

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