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iOS 15 is Apple’s most recent iPhone software upgrade. Security enhancements, bug fixes, and general improvements abound in iOS 15, cementing its position as one of the greatest mobile operating systems available, especially when paired with Apple’s new iPhone 13 handsets. But, along with all of those fixes, there are a few useful features that users may not be aware of.

With that, here are iPhone tips and tricks any Apple users can enjoy, as recommended by Macrumors.

Copy Text

One of the iPhone tricks is being able to copy and paste text from the camera app. Holding the lens over a document or sign, hitting the Scan Text button in the bottom-right corner, and tapping Copy allows Apple users to copy and paste real-world text in the Camera app starting with iOS 15.

Text Shortcut

Another one for the iPhone tips, that can be utilized is sending ready-made messages. Open the Settings app and go to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement to create a text replacement like “omw” for “on my way.”

Pin links and Messages

In addition to these iPhone tips with iOS 15, users may pin content in a Messages conversation, such as web links, by touching and holding the item the user wishes to pin and then tapping Pin.

Learn to use Focus mode

With custom filters that enable or disable particular apps from delivering notifications, the new Focus mode feature (available in the Settings app) will let users distinguish between work and play and nap time.

To disable notifications, focus modes such as Do Not Disturb and Sleep are already available (and let you set a sleep schedule). When users are on a call or off the clock and need to put their head down and get things done, new modes like Personal and Work let them set up Focus modes based on their needs.

Customize Control Center

The fifth one for these iPhone tips is the customization of the control center.

By sliding down from the top right, you can have quick access to a variety of important features using the Control Center. Settings > Control Center allows you to adjust the number of controls and their order.

Selecting Multiple Photos

Touch and hold a photo until the user feels a tap, drag the photo to another region of the screen while still holding it, tap more images with a separate finger to create a stack, move to another app while still holding the stack, then raise the user’s finger to choose several photos to add to other apps.

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Stacking Widgets

Select and hold an empty spot on the Home screen to stack widgets, then drag one widget onto another of the same size.

Quick Access and Notes App Access

For quick access to search and Siri, swipe down on the center of the screen to swiftly access Search and Siri Suggestions from the Home screen.

For the notes apps, users can also scan a document by tapping the camera button in a note, selecting Scan Documents, then positioning the document in the viewfinder.

Calculator App

Another iPhone trick Apple users can utilize in the calculator app is erasing a digit through swiping left or right at the top of the screen.

Camera App

Swipe left on the Lock screen to open the Camera app without unlocking a user’s iPhone. In addition, in the Photos app, iPhone users can also tap the very top of the screen to jump to the first photo in an album.

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