Ipad Pro and Iphone 13 Pro iCloud issues | #macos | #macsecurity

Here is my conundrum.

I have a recent top of the line Ipad Pro with 2TB of Storage Space. I specifically got the largest storage space available with an IPad because photography is my hobby and when I travel I download photos from my cameras to that IPAD with 2TB of Storage. With iCloud these IPad photos get uploaded to ICloud and I have an extra security in these photos being in two places. So far as good. my Icloud storage is also 2TB matching the Ipad Pro.

I also have an Iphone 13 pro and a smaller Ipad Pro with only 256GB storage each. I do take photos with Iphone 13 pro, especially in places where cameras are not allowed (concerts, etc). I want these photos to be uploaded to iCloud as well. Unfortunately with the same iCloud account (which I pay for $29 a month), the moment I unlock photo sharing on my Iphone, iCloud pushes the entire photo library from the 2TB Ipad onto a 256GB Iphone. I don’t need to see 1000s of photos on my Iphone and it does not have storage capacity anyway.

Is there any solution to this issue short of creating and paying for a separate Apple ID which is a major pain?


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