iOS 16 Safari — the biggest changes coming to your iPhone’s browser | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity

iOS 16 Safari isn’t quite the radical reboot of the mobile web browser that iOS 15 introduced. For starters, the tab bar is staying in the same place, at the bottom of the screen by default. (This assumes that you didn’t move the tab bar back to the top of the screen the minute you upgraded to iOS 15.) But there are still some changes in Apple’s updated iPhone software — one that will be apparent right away and another that will take time to develop.

The change you can use the moment you install iOS 16 — whether you download the developer beta, plan to wait for the iOS 16 public beta’s arrival in July or won’t check out iOS 16 until the full version arrives in the fall — is Shared Tab Groups. This feature builds on a less controversial addition from iOS 15 Safari, by letting you take all those web pages you’ve grouped together and share them with other people.

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