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iOS 16 leak suggests that Apple’s iCloud Private Relay is likely further expanding its services to iPhone users, giving them more options to make their data hidden from lurking eyes.

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Apple’s iOS 16

iOS 16 is scheduled to release two months from now. It will be debuting during the World Developer Conference or WWDC event of the Cupertino tech giant on June 6.

That said, now that the release of the iOS 15 predecessors is inching closer to its official launch, expect rumors and leaks to see the light of day every now and then.

It is the case for most upcoming software and devices in the world of tech, especially with the secretive tech giant Apple.

iOS 16 and Apple iCloud Private

As per a news story by 9to5Mac, the iCloud Private Relay feature, which is currently available through its iCloud+ subscription service, might be seeing a few dramatic updates with the upcoming release of iOS 16.

iOS 16 Leak: Apple iCloud Private Relay Likely to Further Expand! More Options to Hide Data?

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The Private Relay feature debuted during the WWDC 2021 event of Apple. The tech behemoth highlighted its privacy and security functionalities, giving its users a means to hide their data.

9to5Mac further added in its report that the iCloud Private Relay specifically gave its users two separate internet relays, allowing them to hide their personal information.

It is worth noting that the Private Relay feature, despite its seemingly essential function, is only available to a limited number of users.

iCloud Private Relay is currently available to the subscribers of iCloud+. Not to mention that is merely an opt-in beta feature since it launched.

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Apple iCloud Private Expansion?

However, a recent report from Digiday is now saying that its sources are claiming that it is about to change significantly.

The news outlet named one of its sources. None other than the CEO of mobile analytics measurement firm Kochava, Charles Manning, himself.

The Kochava exec predicts that Apple is likely going to announce that its users have embraced the iCloud Private Relay feature.

On top of that, Manning also believes that the iPhone maker would go on to tout the feature to be a storied success.

All that said, the Kochava CEO says that Apple is likely expanding iCloud Private relay to more users, making it “an always-on feature for in-app behavior.”

It is interesting to point out that Private Relay primarily supports Safari traffic. As such, it has yet to cover other in-app traffic, which is beyond the web browser of Apple.

Given that, there is still a lot of room to expand the iCloud Private Relay feature of Apple. Now, Digiday says that “several sources” are saying that its upgrades are coming once iOS 16 starts rolling out.

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