iOS 16: How to use Lockdown Mode | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity

Mercenary spyware is near impossible to detect and prevent. It’s a hacking threat state-sponsored private companies develop to target people who do sensitive work and regularly face danger to their security, such as journalists, human rights defenders, and more. Apple’s new Lockdown Mode on iOS 16 finally gives users an option to ramp up their defenses against such malicious attacks.

Sophisticated cyberattacks like NSO’s Pegasus are actively deployed to hack influential individuals like Jeff Bezos. Their ability to penetrate any phone, irrespective of the level of security guarding it, is what makes them so treacherous: they can be installed remotely, don’t require any interaction from the target, and collect a sweeping amount of rich data in no time. Apple’s solution for such attacks, as the name “Lockdown” suggests, is to shut off all functions except the essentials on your phone or computer.

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