iOS 15 hobbled my 6s plus | #macos | #macsecurity

iOS 15 has hobbled my iPhone 6s Plus and has made it unbearable to use.

Prior to updating my iPhone was running the last version of iOS 14.

The phone is now extremely sluggish.

Safari has issues displaying pages.

Typing is like hunt, peck and wait for the letter to show up. This is extremely noticeable on the comment section on a number of major websites.

The remote control app has been disabled and directs you to the remote in the control center. Unfortunately the control center remote is not compatible with my version of Apple TV.

Battery Run Time is significantly shorter. Battery Run Time went from 6AM to 8 or 9PM to now only lasting 4 to 5 hours with light use.

It is my understanding that I am unable to revert to the phone’s previous iOS.

Apple claims to value the user experience and to provide products that just work.

From my experience iOS 15 should have never been allowed to be installed on the 6s plus.

Its telling that Apple will segregate which iPhones are permitted to be updated but not allow a person to roll back to a previous version of the iOS by discontinuing signing the firmware.

Planned obsolescence is one thing but this experience seems more like planned sabotage.

And if anyone is wondering I was convinced to update the iOS due to security updates. I guess that enhanced security is achieved from not being able to use the iPhone.

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