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App Tracking Transparency is iOS 14.5’s controversial new privacy-related feature.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple rushed out iOS 14.5.1 on Monday, an update that fixes a bug in the App Tracking Transparency feature rolled out a week ago.

“This update fixes an issue with App Tracking Transparency where some users who previously disabled Allow Apps to Request to Track in Settings may not receive prompts from apps after re-enabling it,” Apple’s release notes said. “This update also provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.”

After months of beta testing, iOS 14.5 went live last week. App Tracking Transparency, designed to alert users when apps track them across other apps and websites, stood out as its marquee feature. The controversial privacy feature drew fire from Facebook and the advertising industry.

Monday’s iOS 14.5.1 update squashes other bugs, too, and brings security fixes. Apple recommends updating ASAP.

“iOS 14.5.1 includes bug fixes, provides important security updates, and is recommended for all users,” according to Apple’s software update notice.

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