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Technological advancements have transformed many businesses in ways unimagined, however, this also comes at a price. Cyber attacks are evolving rapidly and are becoming more frequent and intelligent, causing huge losses to companies on an annual basis. Thus, organisations must continuously strategise and implement strong cyber security practices. Adopting a multi-layered cyber security solution can help safeguard your business.


What is multi-layered cyber security and how does it work? 

Multi-layered cyber security adds several protection methods that safeguard enterprises from cyber threats. It is also known as ‘Defence in Depth (DiD)’ and ‘multi-level security’. By adding extra layers of security, vulnerabilities in your system can be strengthened. A multi-solution combination helps reduce cyber attacks.


The different elements of multi-layered cyber security

Depending on your business, layers of protection can vary, general layers include:

Secure emails

Most of the time, scammers will use email to gain access to accounts (especially financial) to steal valuable data. This is why email security is important as it provides protection by filtering users within the business who have authorised access. This barrier can prevent hackers from infiltrating your network.

Encrypt your data

Data encryption makes your information unreadable to potential hackers and can protect you from potential breaches and future attacks.

Mobile security

This is one of the most important. Mobile security is crucial, smart phones are obviously used daily by businesses and employees may use their personal phones for work, which can leave companies vulnerable. This can put them at risk because scammers can gain access to their network. By adding mobile security, the likelihood of being attacked will be reduced.


Why is multi-layered security needed by organisations?

Reasons include:

The evolution of cyber-attacks: As technology advances, so do hackers. That’s why businesses need to be a step ahead with their solutions.

Latest technologies: new technologies such as 5G, IoT, and cloud computing improves organisation’s operations by streamlining their processes but require heavily protecting.

Old security solutions: outdated security makes companies more vulnerable to attacks. Updating security can protect you further.


If you’re looking to combat cyber security attacks, you can find out more information here on how you can protect your business.

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