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Smart Audits is a digital platform proficient in auditing smart contracts with the aim of finding vulnerabilities in blockchain projects using a two way security parse architecure. 

Broken down for the layman, smart contracts are used to automate and decentralize agreements such as electoral voting, supply chain management insurance, and a variety of crowd-sourced charity events such as Initial Coin Offerings, Security Token Offerings, and others. 

Although all of these agreements are safe and secure, with numerous layers of security, they are still vulnerable to bugs, hacking and a motley of other problems. In fact, over the course of 2021, DeFi hacks have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars being leaked into the hands of cybercriminals, coupled with security vulnerabilities stemming from poor codes.

These are certain to jeopardize the operation of smart contracts, which are aimed squarely at the execution of decentralized applications. 

Smart Audits’ services are similar to software testing, which deals with examining the code to identify any security issues and fix any bugs in the code and ensure the contract is working in the desired way. Speaking about their services, an executive of the platform said: ”The problems with security in DeFi are too glaring to ignore, and action is needed to be taken on them. With our services, we hope to raise awareness in this sector and draw the attention of investors and project founders to the safety of funds locked inside smart contracts. Our service involves all round service provision, from code review, project research and team members vetting, all at an affordable fee run by Blockchain Security professionals.”

Among its services, the company is adept at:

Custom, thorough and transparent audit report.

Two way independent code review architecure.

Fairly-priced audit service to encourage innovation.

Unique verifiable badge on successful audit.

Feedback and suggestions and how to best fix vulnerabilities found in project.

Smart Audit leverages its team of over 30 blockchain experts to offer high-level security services for DeFi protocols and cryptocurrency projects. With over 500 smart contracts audited and $2 billion secured, Smart Audit is among the industry’s most impactful tech advisories. Featuring a track record of exceptional quality service, projects audited by the company found no issues in 99.99% of the cases.

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