Internet sceptical over viral video of seagull stealing pizza | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Bird is seen flying away with a pizza.—Screengrab via Instagram/@hurtingsouls

A viral video shows a seagull stealing an entire pizza, using its beak to collect what seems to be someone else’s lunch. 

The video has amused millions of social media users across different social media platforms. 

However, many are now sceptical and claim that the video was fake. 

In the video, a person could be heard saying, “Oh my god, who ate the pizza?” An empty pizza box could be seen lying on the table outside what seems to be the backyard of the house. 

Netizens are, however, sceptical. Many think that the video was edited. 

A user said: “y’all actually believe this is real?” The comment had more than 1,300 likes. 

“Wait, this has gotta be cartoon lol,” echoed another. 

Another said the video was funny regardless.

“I don’t care if it’s edited, this sh*t was funny,” they said.

Others were quite entertained and couldn’t contain their laughter.

“That bird getting promoted when he gets back to the squad!!!” a user said. “I know that birds squad gonna be so happy,” said another.

It is not unusual for seagulls to attack people’s food. Last year, a man had the shock of his life when he was about to eat a wrap but a seagull dived and snatched it from him. A video of the incident had also gone viral on social media. 

Akin to that, a New Zealand had come under fire as he outraged animal advocates for grabbing a protected seagull that tried stealing his food. A TikTok clip of the foiled fry-jacking garnered millions of views.

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