Intel Develops Controversial AI to Detect Emotional States of Students | #education | #technology | #training

An Intel-developed software solution aims to apply the power of artificial intelligence to the faces and body language of digital students. According to Protocol, the solution is being distributed as part of the “Class” software product and aims to aid in teachers’ education techniques by allowing them to see the AI-inferred mental states (such as boredom, distraction, or confusion) of each student. Intel aims to expand the program into broader markets eventually. However, the technology has been met with pushbacks that bring debates on AI, science, ethics and privacy to the forefront.

The AI-based feature, which was developed in partnership with Classroom Technologies, is integrated with Zoom via the former’s “Class” software product. It can be used to classify students’ body language and facial expressions whenever digital classes are held through the videoconferencing application. Citing teachers’ own experiences following remote lessons taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Classroom Technologies, hopes its software gives teachers additional insights, ultimately bettering remote learning experiences.

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