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THIS PAST YEAR has seen a surge in demand for glasses for indoor gaming and computer use. It’s no wonder with children’s online schooling and an increase in working remotely. Any interest in eyewear that offers blue light protection has been a boon to those manufacturers that offer it. Over 12 million pairs of JINS blue light glasses have been sold worldwide. Zenni Optical sold nearly 2 million pairs of its Blokz blue light lenses in 2020, sales are up 88% year to date, and they just signed their most significant relationship in the gaming space, a partnership with the Call of Duty League. Patients are looking for any blue light lenses or computer tints you offer in your practice.

Gunnar Optiks

Lightning Bolt 360 comes with three interchangeable temples: standard, post and a strap option for wearing with a headset; two interchangeable lens options (amber for indoor gaming and sun for outdoor use); and three nose bridge sizes.

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Zenni Optical

Blokz blue blocker lenses for computer gaming.

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Spectre Eyewear collection offers a range of impact resistant lens options, designs, colors and sizes for gamers, students and work from home professionals.

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Oakley x Turtle Beach collection includes Oakley’s Prizm Gaming Lens in Metalink RX frames and features headset-compatible temples. Professional gamer Seth “Scump” Abner from OpTic Gaming wearing them here.

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Relax lens (for single vision wearers) and Computer/Workspace lens (with Rx) can be worn by gamers.

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Felix Gray

All frames are made with corrosion-resistant, German-engineered monel. Lenses feature a proprietary blue light filter with double-sided anti-glare coating.

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Foster Grant

Eye.Gear Gamer Glasses reduce digital eye strain with scratch-resistant lenses that block 76% of potentially harmful blue light.

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JINS Eyewear

JINS’ three types of blue light lenses reduce digital eye strain and block 40% of blue light. Frames feature a classic look and durable design.

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Smart Ways to Sell Gaming Glasses To Patients

Daniel BintzVision Source, Elk City, OK

Most computer tints we offer have an anti-reflective coating plus protection of UV and about 20% of blue light, so these lenses have a light blue tint to them. Many doctors say patients report increased comfort with computer tints, whether actual or perceived. The other factor is many gamers need corrective lenses. We offer solutions along the lines of good, better, best and discuss the benefits of each. I was surprised to learn Transitions lenses block about 20% of blue light inside and outside, plus nearly 100% of UV light. Adding an anti-reflective coating to a pair of Transitions lenses could solve multiple situations with one pair of glasses. We’ve been prescribing a computer lens coating, Prevencia by Essilor. We have had good luck with this lens helping folks with their migraine headaches.

Miki ZilnickiTwin Forks Optometry, Riverhead, NY

Gamers have more exposure to screens than the rest of us. Sometimes they don’t need Rx lenses, but I will still recommend Gunnar glasses to protect them against glare and blue light. Gunnar offers four lens options—clear, standard, sun and amber. Each offers protection from 35% up to 98%. In addition, patients often experience dry eye, blurry vision, neck pain, eye fatigue and glare. Gunnar addresses each of these issues and ensures wearers are comfortable on their devices. Since we don’t really know about the long-term effects of electronic devices, I feel strongly that these types of glasses should become a mainstay. I try to encourage patients to get into the habit of putting on their glasses and parents to become a role model to their children.


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