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Turning Data Into Actionable Insights

Automated Cloud Infrastructure Cost Management Solution Delivers Instant BIaaS To Mid-Market Organisations

The Cloud is the the engine room of modern businesses and from where a company’s fundamental assets are often very difficult to manage. CloudMarshal will realise a lot of the Cloud’s promise for SMEs”

— Peter Richards, Chairman CloudLead

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 22, 2021 / — CloudLead Ltd., a leading UK cloud application developer, is delighted to announce the release of its cutting-edge new application, set to transform the management of cloud services for digital SMEs. Following extensive beta testing the application, called CM_Base, is now generally available via a dedicated portal.

The application utilises the CloudMarshal© technology platform to extract, ingest, prepare, analyse and deliver cloud-based information from infrastructure and applications. From early January 2022 it can be automatically installed via the browser-based portal to deliver realtime information in minutes.

The CloudMarshal platform is set to transform the management of cloud resources and services for mid-market businesses dependent on the cloud for the delivery of digital products and operations. It is pioneering the delivery of business intelligence as a service – BIaaS – marshalling data from cloud platforms into one place for easy extraction and analysis.

As the first application of the platform, CM_Base gives business a single unified view of their cloud infrastructure, storage and compute costs over the three major cloud platforms. It provides an affordable solution to organisations that need fundamental cost analysis from their cloud platforms and do not have the time or resource to untangle the information and answers they need.

CloudLead is leading the development of the next generation of technology solutions to enable mid-market digital business to fully realise the promise of the cloud through effective control and visibility for boards, senior management teams and operational managers. It delivers essential, jargon-free information based on a common set of KPIs for operations, finance, sales and marketing.

CloudLead’s Executive Chairman, Peter Richards said: “We started the company in 2020 because we saw a gap in the market for an affordable, easy-to-use technology platform that turned cloud-based data into actionable insights. We identify our customers as business managers and owners requiring a simple, jargon-free dash-board to view essential business intelligence from their cloud infrastructure and applications. Cloud costs was the obvious place to start, given the huge amount of wastage – up to 60% in many instances – and under-optimisation of many cloud estates.”

Existing competitive solutions are mainly focused on the enterprise market and aimed at technology teams. These solutions are costly, people-intensive and beyond the budget and resources of most SMEs. Additionally, ‘native’ solutions from the cloud providers have limited functionality and do not address the overall problem, while there are a number of third-party tools aimed specifically at the technical community. CloudMarshal delivers an easily deployed solution for the many challenges smaller businesses experience in managing cloud-based services.

Early in 2020 the company designed and delivered an MVP (minimum viable product) which was beta-tested by a number of recognised brands. By September 2021 the first cloud-cost management application, CM_Base was in extensive user testing with a range of early adopters. The first installations were well-received by customers who experienced rapid self-service installation followed by dynamic delivery of essential cost information.

Richards continues, “The overarching requirement from the Finance Directors of nearly all our early adopter customers was to be able to pinpoint-point every single storage and compute resource, irrespective of platform, to simply determine an accurate monthly bill. Not only will CM_Base enable a precise cost break-down but it will also recommend optimisations where further cost savings can be made.”

Saving customers money is only the start. New CloudMarshal applications in development will be also deliver business intelligence from all the leading SaaS applications across business functions including sales, marketing and finance.

CM_Base can be installed through a simple browser-based application which can be delivered and operational in minutes. A demonstration/free trial version is available at

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For further information or a demonstration contact:

Name: Peter Richards

Telephone: +44 (0)330 912 0182

About CloudLead

CloudLead is the developer and owner of the CloudMarshal© technology platform from which will be deployed a number of applications. CM_Base is the company’s first application and delivers an average of 30% savings on public cloud costs while managing cloud security and regulatory compliance risks. CloudMarshal works across multiple public clouds and hybrid workloads—making immediate cost savings and operational gains possible from the most complex cloud infrastructure. The company is focussed on mid-market customers and deploys an SaaS solution to secure, manage, and govern sensitive environments. CM_Base can be accessed and trialled at ‘no cost’ by clicking here

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