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It has been predicted that ransomware will disrupt more than a third of Palm Beach County businesses in 2022

Cybersecurity expert and InfoStream CEO Alan Crowetz have made a prediction indicating that more than a third of local businesses in Palm Beach County could face ransomware attacks in 2022, thus creating an urgent need to protect the local companies against such attacks and deploying business solutions designed for data protection.

“Ransomware is a form of cyberattack where hackers get into the system or network, encrypt the data they find, and demand a ransom fee. It is unbelievable how vulnerable our businesses are and how much they need to be protected against this cyber attack. A business is hit by ransomware every 11 seconds!” said Alan Crowetz.

Ransomware is a kind of malware that has the potential to paralyze entire organizations, and therefore, it is essential to neutralize these threats and protect businesses and their confidential data. Even after meeting these hackers’ demands, there is no guarantee that the owner will be able to access the information.

As per the latest stats, 32% of victims pay a ransom fee; however, on average, only 65% get their data. It is shocking to see the total cost of ransomware this year was more than $20 billion. “All it takes is a click on a bad link, and damage is done. Most ransomware is a Trojan, meaning it relies on someone accidentally triggering it by opening an attachment or visiting an unsecured website,” Alan explained.

Cybersecurity is one of the topmost priorities for companies as the risk is at an all-time high, which two major amplifying factors have further fueled.  Alan said, “The spike in remote users from Covid along with the large increase in cyber attacks associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made the stakes and the risks even higher,” said Alan.

InfoStream specializes in providing cutting-edge data security solutions to local businesses operating in Palm Beach County. From business continuity solutions to general IT solutions, business owners regard InfoStream products as the preferred choice. Customers receive the best available IT consulting and implementation in the County.  “There are many things businesses can do to protect themselves, including using extra security services and training their staff on what to look out for. I recommend all businesses make ransomware protection a priority for the start of the New Year,” Alan remarked.

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