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With companies moving towards a remote working model, the world of cybersecurity has assumed a greater significance. One could even say the concept of a perimeter is no longer relevant today, as every endpoint or service can be compromised. What’s more, with tons of data being generated and consumed, the need for automation is more important than ever before.

Express Computer recognizes the challenges that businesses face in protecting their critical assets from well-organized hackers, and it is in this context that the ‘Information Security Conclave’ has been conceptualized and created.

The ‘Information Security Conclave’ will feature sessions from some of the industry’s most recognized security leaders, who will share their insights into current risks and future vulnerabilities. The virtual conference will focus on real-world problems and use cases, to help CIOs and CISOs deal with current and emerging threats.

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Topics discussed will include:

+ Enterprise security in the post-Covid world Implementing a zero-trust architecture Security for cloud and SaaS applications The evolving role of the CISO
+ How AI and machine learning can play a role in improving enterprise security
+ Lessons from some of the biggest data breaches and how to prevent them
+ Managing privacy and data protection in the cloud era How to protect your enterprise from DDoS and Ransomware attacks
+ Strategies for Business Continuity in the post-Covid world Best practices for identity and access management and governance

Who will attend: The audience will be from both Enterprise as well as Government —



Government IT Security Heads from:

CERT-IN | NEGD | Digital India | MHA of State Central Governments | NIA CRPF | IB | ED | Defence (Army, Navy, Air Force, Military Intelligence) BSF | Ministry of Finance | Revenue Intelligence | Income Tax | EPFO etc.

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