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WAPAKONETA — Infinite Protection, located at 10 W. Auglaize St., Wapakoneta, held an open house Monday to give the public a peek at what it does.

“Our big focus is protecting people, property and profits,” said Isaac Dunifon, president of Infinite Protection. “We’re very business-centric, but we will do residential if it’s an employee of a business that we currently deal with.”

The Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce welcomed its new member Monday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

What they do is design security systems that monitor and protect businesses from physical and digital threats.

“We do the basic stuff like access control and security cameras, but our real focus is on the digital side of it. We have an application we built called iCYPHER,” Dunifon said. “We have iCYPHER chat, so that does your online chatting to replace something like FaceTime. It also does your video conferencing. We also have our own online storage that’s encrypted and private, so businesses can store their data in the cloud but it’s private to them.”

iCYPHER was started by Dunifon, who is a Lima native who spent 16 years in law enforcement.

“I did 11 full-time, five part-time. I came out of the Northwest Ohio Technology Crime Unit, specializing in major crimes during the technology investigations for those,” he said. “I used to own a series of computer stores, and I was recruited by the Wapakoneta Police Department to help them with some cases that led me into law enforcement. I used that experience to build iCYPHER, to build privacy, convenience, security and so forth.”

With so many people still working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses need a way to monitor workers.

“We have our own remote worker monitoring platform. If you look over there, you’ll see six workstations, three of them are rented out, and those are for remote workers. So what we do is we allocate that physical hardware to that remote worker, so they VPN with our VPN, and they’ll do their job all day and everything is monitored and recorded,” Dunifon said. “It’s not about spying. For example, when you’re in the office now I can come up, walk, look over your shoulder and see anything you’re doing. Remotely, though it’s out of sight, out of mind, and we want to make sure we’re not isolating them.”

Infinite Protection also has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and North Richland Hills, Texas.

The Wapakoneta office number is 419-273-0229.

Representatives from the Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce joined members of Infinite Protection for a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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