Indiana health system diverts ambulances, reverts to paper records amid ransomware attack | #malware | #ransomware

Hackers are demanding ransom from Franklin, Ind.-based Johnson Memorial Hospital as the cyberattack goes on its fifth day, according to an Oct. 5 WTHR 13 report.

The health system has reverted to using paper and pen after the ransomware attack took its computer systems offline.

David Dunkle, MD, CEO and president of Johnson Memorial Health, said hackers are demanding ransom after he previously reported that he hadn’t received any requests. 

“We just received a ransom request late last night, so we’re just processing that,” Dr. Dunkle told the publication. “We’re still not sure the extent of the attack and what all files, if any, have been compromised.”

Dr. Dunkle said surgeries and appointments have not been canceled, but the hospital is diverting ambulances from the emergency room to lighten its load.

“With the limitations on the electronic medical records right now, we thought it best to stay on diversion — just not to overwhelm the system,” Dr. Dunkle told WTHR 13.

“We’re still up and running,” Dr. Dunkle said. “We’re still your health care partner. But we have been the victim of a cyberattack, and we’re working very hard to find out the extent of that and we’ll supply information as we get it.”

Becker’s reached out to Johnson Memorial and will update the story if a comment is received.

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