Indian hackers give befitting reply to Pakistan’s agenda on Ram temple, Kashmir; hack over 80 Pakistani websites | India News | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

On August 15, when the country was celebrating the 74th anniversary of independence and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was warning Pakistan and China to not engage in anti-India activities, a group of Indian hackers were busy in giving a befitting reply to Pakistan’s agenda on Ram temple and Kashmir.

On this Independence Day, a group of Indian hackers succeeding in hacking over 80 websites of Pakistan and hoisted the Indian tricolor on these websites. The Indian hackers went on to hack one websites after another while conveying the message of India’s pride

Not only this, the group of hackers which calls itself ‘Indian Cyber ​​Troops’, hacked the Pakistani website and posted a picture of Lord Ram and wrote ‘Ram Lala Hum Aayege, Will build temple in Pakistan and Karachi too.’ The hacking of so many websites in one single day left Pakistanis upset and they took to social media to vent their anger.

Talking to Zee News, these hackers said that it is only their tribute to the Indian armed forces and they will not allow anyone to threaten the sovereignty of India. The hackers made it clear that they do not work for anyone and are only interested in teaching a lesson to those who are against India.

Earlier, these hackers had also gave a befitting reply to Nepal by hacking their websites and advising Kathmandu to act smartly.

When on India’s Independence Day, Pakistan was trying to push its false agenda on Kashmir, our hackers showed Pakistan its real place by hacking several of its websites and hoisting India’s national flag on these websites.

Notably, it’s being two days that several Pakistani websites were hacked and tricolour is still flying on many of these websites and Pakistani IT experts are finding it tough to remove the Indian flag.

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